Mandarin Chinese – The First Two Months


Chinese Confucius Paper Analects Type

So if you’ve read my ‘Life Update’ post, you’ll no doubt know that I’ve been studying Mandarin Chinese in university for about two months now. I’ve essentially been learning the language from having no knowledge at all and in these two months, I’ve been progressing at a nice, steady pace. Mandarin is probably one of the most unusual languages I’ve studied, but I’d more than likely leave that down to the fact that, as an Indo-European language speaker, the way I would normally express myself is so radically different from that of an Asian language speaker.
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The Elegance of Esperanto

Esperanto is a constructed language – an auxiliary language, created during the 1870s in Poland for the purpose of improving international communication. Esperanto truly is unusual – its creator, L.L Zamenhof lived in a part of Poland where there were many different linguistic cultures who found it hard to communicate, so Esperanto was supposed to help the problem along  – but the unusual aspect of this amazing language comes from the fact that there is no a widespread community of Esperanto speakers who can instantly connect with each other as soon as they start talking. Continue reading “The Elegance of Esperanto”


To all my blog readers, I am really sorry for the sudden hiatus I’ve been on – it’s just getting to exam season and all. There’ll definitely be some updates coming through this week so stay tuned!

Pourquoi j’ai décidé à apprendre le français

Pour ceux qui s’intéressent à la langue française, je voulais écrire un peu aujourd’hui pour expliquer pourquoi j’ai appris le français et comment j’ai réussi. À mon avis, le français est vraiment une jolie langue et c’est plutôt un dommage que la plupart des anglais refusent à l’apprendre. Moi, je pense que le français est tellement important en Angleterre car c’est la langue de nos voisins les plus proches. Continue reading “Pourquoi j’ai décidé à apprendre le français”

Norwegian – Week 1

Ah, Norway~

So I’m giving Norwegian ago. Sure it’s a bit ‘out of the way’ and to some, kind of a strange choice to go for to learn a language but that’s never stopped me before. I’m not planning a trip to Norway at the moment, I’m not that lucky, but I do find the language oddly attractive in a linguistic sense; it’s got a rich history, being descendent from Old Norse, the language of the Vikings and, at one time, much of Europe. But also, spoken Norwegian just sounds so exotic and enticing, its sounds seem really foreign and unusual to me and I’d like to be able to speak like that myself. I’ve heard it’s got a relatively simple grammar when compared to German or Polish, for example, but I’m going to test this out for myself. Continue reading “Norwegian – Week 1”

Polyglot In Training

Hello and welcome to my new blog ‘Polyglot in training’!

My name’s Ethan and I’m from England. I’ve always had this strange interest in words and grammar; something about language just appeals to me and ever since I was little it’s just sort of been how I’m able to understand the world. I always wanted to know why such and such language spells words like this, or what these weird little symbols do in such and such language. Continue reading “Polyglot In Training”