Life Update

Hello, once again, to all of my lovely blog readers who have decided to stick with me for this long. I’m aware there’s been a long hiatus, and there’s no excuse for that, but the main reason why is… *drum roll* University!

Back in September, I managed to get accepted to the University of Westminster in London and I’m now studying Chinese as well as Translation with French. It’s taking up most of my time since I needed to really get settled and get most of the start-of-year assignments out the way but now that I’ve done that and I’m quite comfortable, there really couldn’t be a better time to get back to writing this blog and interacting with you lovely people. This blog has always been a place I can really escape to when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by my education and by life in general so I think the healthiest thing to do would be to adopt a more regular posting schedule – more information about that in the future though.

So, with regards to the blog, I’ve kind of given up learning Norwegian because I simply don’t have enough time to focus on it, and that means that I can’t put any meaningful effort into it, let alone write a great back article in Norwegian. However, that being said, I AM studying Chinese at university now so I will likely replace it with my experience of learning that language (I’ve been learning it for about 2 months now so I’ll have plenty of good material to share with you guys). Once I get really good, I’ll likely write a big article in Chinese much like I promised to do with Norwegian to show that learning a language is possible with plenty of perseverance.

I can say for now, that in the near future, I’ll be covering some minor languages such as Welsh and Cornish which I believe don’t get nearly enough attention, and I’ll even cover some interesting linguistic concepts I’ve been following on Facebook for a while. If anyone’s still following or reading my blog at the moment, I would like to give my apologies for such a long hiatus, but I’m hoping to be back for a while at least now. Thank you guys so much.

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